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Transport to Hartpury
All major international airports in the UK (i.e. Gatwick, Heathrow, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham) have train services that will transport you to the nearest city centre. There are then regular train services (often every hour) from those city centres into Gloucester. It is then only a short taxi ride from Gloucester train station to Hartpury, and there are taxis waiting at the station at most times of the day. You can find more information about the train services and planning your route at


The closest large commercial airports to Hartpury are Birmingham or Bristol; 45 minutes by car and train to Gloucester will vary depending on service connections. Heathrow is the next closest airport and the largest airport in the UK. It is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes from Hartpury on main roads. The National Express bus service from Heathrow to Gloucester is an inexpensive and convenient option. You can also travel by train by taking the Heathrow Express or the Underground to Paddington station, then access train services to Gloucester.

Transport whilst at Hartpury
Shuttle service will be offered to conference delegates. Registration is required.

The UK has a variety of public and private transport systems. Taxi services are also available in the local area and to Gloucester and Cheltenham. Hartpury works with reputable taxi service ‘Andy Cars’ who offer a flat fee for students between Gloucester and campus, by appointment only. All drivers with ‘Andy Cars’
have been screened to ensure they do not have criminal records. Other taxi services are available and you can find taxi ranks at the train and bus station.

351 Bus Route is a route from Tewkesbury - Gloucester and vice versa. Hartpury is a stop along this route. To find more about the bus timetables, use this link:

Bus and train timetables vary year on year – you will be able to find the most up to date information, timetables and book tickets at the afore mentioned websites. Most services offer an ability to pre-book tickets with e-ticket options. Some stations may operate a limited in-person service alongside self-service ticketing machine to collect physical tickets or by tickets on the day. Local services usually require cash payments onboard, contactless payment, or payment at the station for a single (one-way) or return journey (round trip).

You can bring a car to campus and we may be able to issue visitor parking permits. To determine if you need to take a UK driving test to legally drive in the UK please use this link: Additionally, you will need to know the rules and regulations regarding car maintenance and insurance to ensure your car is road legal.

Transport whilst atHatpury
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