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Conference Dinner Demonstrator:
Stephanie (Stef) Eardley, MSc, BHS Level 4 Coach

Para-Equestrian Pathways: Critical Observations

Stef brings her years of expertise riding and coaching at the elite levels; she shares how to develop and use observation skills within the unique setting of the para-equestrian pathway including performance coaching, horse selection, and developing human-horse relationships, from entry level engagement (e.g. Riding for the Disabled) to podium success (e.g. Olympics).

Demo Riders: Para-rider & horse partnerships TBC


Stef Eardley is a dressage trainer and competes internationally up to Grand Prix. Stef operates her own training and livery stables in Gloucestershire, UK working with all levels of competition riders. As a Pathway Coach for British Equestrian (Team Great Britain) she runs one of the education Para rider pathways which is the stepping stone for riders aiming to progress from international competition to the national British Team. Stef previously worked for Team Hong Kong as a Paralympic Coach in the build up for the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Paralympic Games - a role which took her all over Europe for team qualifications.

Statement of Welfare - Demonstration ISAZ 2024:

This demonstration adheres to Hartpury University’s equine welfare charter. The participants agree they adhere to the welfare and learning theory principles in their training practices. An animal behaviourist with expertise in ethics and equine welfare will be present at the demonstration. Please note, the demonstration includes para-equestrians who may use bespoke equipment as a reasonable adjustment (i.e. riders with limited or no ability to provide leg aids may use tools to provide guidance). Demonstration participants are voluntarily sharing their personal stories to contribute to our academic discussions and we ask delegates to respect their time and perspectives.

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