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Sudeley Castle Day Trip

Sudeley Castle 6 Gordon Robertson.jpg

Sudeley Castle is nestled next to Winchcombe (Cotswold village) and has a long history of royal connections. The property is still in private ownership and home to Lady Ashcombe and her family. The castle and grounds are opened to the public and the family is dedicated to the preservation of the castle and regeneration of the gardens.

Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in a day trip to Sudeley Castle on Sunday, 30 June. The bus will depart from 9:30 am at Hartpury University, and return to Hartpury University between 3:30 and 4 pm. Registration is required.

What is included in the day trip?

  • Transport from Hartpury University to Sudelely Castle (and return trip)

  • General Admission to Sudeley Castle

  • Lunch Provided in Orangery

  • Meet Mary Powys, Head of the Animal Ark Experience at Sudeley Castle

  • Castle Exterior Walking Tour

Cost: US$70 per person (Registration deadline is 31 May)

Winchcombe is a relatively short walk from the castle grounds and is a beautiful example of an idyllic Cotswold village. Cotswolds is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). With a range of independent shops you can also alight on the historic steam engine at the local station.

The English countryside is home to countless natural beauties; sometimes these are smaller and they receive less attention than large or exotic animals from exotic places. These sites celebrate the local and make nature accessible to their communities. Estates such as Sudeley Castle include working farms and their farmers who see themselves as stewards of the land, balancing conservation with commercial interests.

These places provide space to watch and learn, and to be present, they offer insights into ways in which humans and animals interact. Such insights could be within the course of a single experience, in the moment, but also historically, contributing to a extended, temporal perspective of animal interactions on wellbeing (of humans and animals, within the shared spaces).

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